Send foreign-currency payments around the world with our global check issuing service.

Chexx Inc.’s check issuing service makes it possible for you to send payment by check in virtually any local or foreign currency that is convenient to your payees. All local currency checks are drawn on a major bank in the appropriate country. When recipients deposit them at their local bank, our checks are paid 4 – 6 weeks faster than a check issued from outside their home country.

Large or small runs: our check printing services make it easy.

Upload a batch file of check issuing information to our online check order engine; it takes only a few seconds. There is no restriction to the number of checks or the number of different currencies that can be represented in a single check issuing file. Alternatively, rely on our Virtual Terminal to write one or two domestic or international checks in a hurry. Sign up to take advantage of our cheque issuing services today.