Check fulfillment that pays you back

Part of Chexx Inc.’s standard check issuing service, our insert and fulfillment program transforms a great payment experience into a powerful marketing tool for your company by offering you the chance to include a personalized letter of your design with every check.

Send checks by mail or courier and deliver your personalized message at the same time.

You have a great deal of creative latitude, so put your marketing team to work. In addition to the beneficiary name and address, Chexx Inc.’s batch format includes 4 unique reference fields with room for over 1,000 characters of personalization. Your single page insert may be an account statement, material promoting new programs and opportunities, or any other correspondence that you desire.Every check and its optional accompanying insert is sent by first class mail directly to your beneficiaries around the world. If tracking is important to your company, then ask about our special rates for FedEx delivery.