Fast, affordable electronic funds transfers payments to over 60 countries

Fund an account with Chexx Inc. to send electronic payments that are fast, affordable and familiar to your payees in over 60 countries around the world. Provided with correct bank account details and country of residence, our robust payment systems engine will pick the local service best suited to your beneficiary’s location. Our international wire transfer services include ACH credits in the US, Faster Payments in the UK, EFT in Canada, SEPA payments and many more local services besides.

Recurring electronic payments simplified

You need only provide your recipient’s bank account information once. We will assign a unique template number so that you can send further local electronic payments to the same individual without storing sensitive bank account details on your own servers.

The most affordable international electronic payments

Electronic funds transfers are sent locally and do not incur the high fees associated with international wire transfers. They are fast, elegant and affordable for both you and your affiliates no matter where they are based. Apply to send Chexx Inc. electronic payments today.