Preloaded credit cards are a great option where check issuing and electronic payments are not practical.

Today’s global marketplace means that companies often need to pay panelists, distributors, affiliates and agents that are living far and wide. Since some countries are not easily served by check or electronic transfer, you may need an alternative way to send payments with no bank accounts required. Chexx Inc. provides a quick and easy way to send payments around the world via preloaded credit cards such as virtual Visa or plastic MasterCard. Our Virtual Prepaid Visa is delivered by email and can be used immediately for online and telephone purchases worldwide. You may also choose to issue plastic prepaid MasterCards to use at point of sale locations or withdraw funds at ATMs anywhere.

Redeemable in any currency, anywhere in the world

While reloadable credit cards may be loaded only in USD, EUR or GBP, Chexx Inc.’s reloadable credit cards and pre-loaded credit card products can be used to purchase products in any currency, or to withdraw local currencies at ATMs around the world. Please note that transactions on preloaded credit cards may be subject to limitations and costs outside of the control of Chexx Inc.. These include but are not limited to ATM withdrawal minimums, ATM withdrawal fees, international transaction fees, and bank-established currency exchange rates. Call us to discuss whether Pre-loaded Credit Cards are right for your company or sign up for a Chexx Inc. account today.