Access Rights.

Access Rights

There are three different permission levels for access to RAVEN Online. What you see when you log in to the site depends upon which level of permission you have been granted.

The levels of access are:

  • Submitter access: Submitters are able to submit payments for one or more Payment Routing Numbers (PRNs). They are only able to view the payments they have submitted. Submitters are unable to view other payments, even if those payments are associated with a Payment Routing Number the submitter has access to.
  • Submitter Manager access: Submitter managers are able to view payments associated with one or more Payment Routing Numbers (PRNs), regardless of whether they have submitted those payments or not. However, submitter manager access alone does not authorize a user to submit payments.
  • Transaction Summary Report access: Users with this access level are able to view and download account statements online. They will be able to drill into files and transactions, view returned check transactions and images, and process through that account regardless of PRN. They can also view check refund requests, shipping status and tracking numbers.

RAVEN users may have one, all or a combination of the three levels.