Account Statements.

If you are authorized to view online statements, the Statements tab will be visible from the home page. This tab allows you to view, print and export transaction reports. The overview on the home page will provide a brief summary, including Account Name and Number, Currency, Balance, Available Funds, Last Activity date and Last Balance date. On the home page, you may click on the account name and it will take you to the Statement tab where you can search for statements by date range.

Homepage account overview

The Statement screen provides details regarding all transactions on your account.

  1. Select the account you wish to consult using the drop down list
  2. Select a date range for your search
  3. Click on Summary or Details to view a specific day

You can quickly check the balance on any given account, which is displayed directly below the account name. The Available funds are also shown, minus any holdback.

Dates on which there was activity on the account are listed along with the balance at end of day. Statements remain 'open' throughout the course of the business day and may be modified. Open statements are indicated by a gold 'X'. Statements that have been closed or finalized are indicated by a green check mark.

raven online account statement

Account statement

A Summary view provides a brief summary of account transactions for the selected date. You have the option to print or download the data in pdf format.

raven online report summary

Summary View

A Detail view provides a more in depth description of account transactions for the selected date. You can opt to print or download the data in pdf or csv format.

transaction detail view

Detail View

This section also enables you to drill down to more detailed information by clicking on highlighted fields (prior authorization is required). If you click on the file, you will be presented with complete details of each payment contained in the file.

batch detail report

File View

You may view further details of an individual payment by clicking on the tracking number, which will produce a payment detail screen.

Payment View

When viewing a statement for a particular date range, you may use the Aggregate button. The aggregate view provides a detailed window of the account's statement for the entire period selected. You may then print or download the data in pdf or csv format.

Aggregate button

aggregate summary report

Aggregate view

If you are authorized to access Account reports on RAVEN, you have the option of receiving an email advising you when a new report is available and/or an email containing a pdf version of your latest report. In order to select this service, you may either contact Client Support at or click on Settings at the top of the home page and choose from the various options displayed.

general settings