Check Issue.

Submit Individual Check Orders

You can use RAVEN's virtual terminal to submit individual check orders. Select Issue Check from the menu on the left side. Three types of information will be required to create a transaction: Payment Information, Processing Information and Shipping Address. Mandatory fields are shown in bold:

  1. Payment Information
    1. Beneficiary name
    2. Amount (in decimals) and Currency
    3. Drawn In (the country from which the payment is drawn)
  2. Processing Information
    1. Promotion (select the relevant PRN or Promotion name from a drop down list)
    2. File name (the default is set to your user id and a system generated file name which includes the date; you may modify this to a file name of your choosing)
  3. Shipping Address
    1. Address
    2. City of delivery
    3. Country of delivery

    Issue check screen

    Mandatory fields complete

    Once a transaction has been entered, click the Process button. As you continue to add transactions, they will appear at the bottom of the screen, along with their status. If the currency of checks you would like to issue is not available from the drop down list for the required promotion, please contact Client Support at

Issue check via terminal