Credit Card Payments.

Select Card Payment, on the left. Fields that are mandatory are shown in bold:

  1. Amount of transaction (in decimals)
  2. Currency (select the appropriate currency from the drop down list)
  3. Card Number
  4. Card Expiry (use the drop down list to select month and year)
  5. Promotion (select the relevant Payment Routing Number or promotion name from a drop down list)
  6. File Name (the default is set to your user id along with a system generated file name which includes the date - you may modify this to a file name of your choice)
  7. Payment Type (select the relevant payment type from the drop down list provided)

Storing credit card details may pose security risks and bring you into scope for the PCI Data Security Standards.

terminal screen

Terminal screen

mandatory fields

Mandatory fields complete

Once a transaction has been entered, click the Process button. As you continue to add transactions, they will appear at the bottom of the screen, along with their status, whether Approved, Declined, or whether they are not able to be processed for reasons such as an invalid card number.

card payment via terminal

Card payment via terminal

Fields that are not mandatory, but worth noting, are:

  1. CVV - the CVV is normally three digits and is located on the back of the card. This field is recommended, but not required.
  2. Issue Number - For Maestro (formerly Switch) cards, you may request the issue number, if applicable.
  3. Approval Code - In cases where you have obtained an offline approval code, you may choose to enter it here.