Electronic Payments

You may process electronic payments through the virtual terminal by selecting ePayments, from the menu on the left. Begin by choosing the Payment Type from the drop down menu provided. Mandatory fields will be shown in bold. Please note that mandatory fields vary greatly depending on the payment type.

To process a payment in Russian rubles, you will require the ability to enter Cyrillic characters in the Account Holder field.

The example below illustrates an electronic payment in Australian dollars.

  1. Payment Type - (select the relevant payment type from the drop down list provided)
  2. Account Holder - name associated with the account.
  3. Amount - of transaction (in decimals).
  4. Currency - (select the appropriate currency from the drop down list)
  5. Bank Number
  6. Account Number
  7. Promotion - (select the relevant Payment Routing Number or promotion name from a drop down list)
  8. File Name - (the default is set to your user id along with a system generated file name which includes the date - you may modify this to a file name of your choice)

ePayment screen

ePayment screen

mandatory fields complete

Mandatory fields complete

ePayment via terminal