Files & Batches.

Files & Batches

From the Files & Batches tab you may search for and review transaction files you have created, and upload batch files. RAVEN organizes payments received into batches of payments, based on the currency and the payment routing number.

Search for Batches

You may search for batches of files by entering a date range or reference. You may further refine your search by choosing an account name, payment routing number, file name, currency and/or payment type. If you would like your search results to include unreleased files, check the 'Is unposted' box. Once your search items are displayed, you may download the information by selecting the box on the left of the payment line, and clicking the Download button. If you wish to select all of the batches displayed, simply click on the green plus sign and click Download.

Search by date range

From this screen you can view the file details (provided you have been granted the proper access rights) by clicking on the highlighted file name; you also have the ability to download the information using the Download button.

Batch details

From the file detail screen, you may click on a tracking number in order to view the details of a specific payment.

Payment details

Search for Files

You may search for files of payment information by entering a date range or file name.

Search for files

If you wish to manually release files, any file with an Open status may be released by selecting the check box to the left of the file name and clicking the Release button. You may also choose to void a file by clicking the Void button.

To download information, select one or more files and then click the Download button. To download all files on the page click the green plus sign above the check boxes. You will be prompted to Open or Save a .zip file which contains the information you have selected in .csv format as well as each payment's Status field and a TrackingNumber. If you are downloading files that contain check images, choose Download With Images, and RAVEN Online will include .png files, which correspond to check images.

Please note that if your search has produced more than one page of information, you will need to download each page separately.

Submit Payments Via Batch File

If you wish to submit batch files for processing, you may upload them from the Files & Batches page by selecting Upload and submitting your file.

You may create files in the RAVEN batch file format and submit them for processing (for instructions on formatting batch files of payment information, please consult the RAVEN Integration documents, or contact Client Support at

Select Upload and use the Browse button to search for the location of your file. Select the file and click Open. RAVEN can accept files up to 100MB.

Upload feature

Select file to upload

CLICK the Upload button. The file will load and you will receive a confirmation notice or failure notice. If you receive a failure notice, you may try to upload the file again.

Confirmation notice

Please note that if you choose to upload a file, you will not be able to void it as the upload is considered a file release.