How to Order and Send International Payments

Check Printing Services

Open a Chexx Inc. Account

How It Works

Sign up for your Chexx Inc. account to begin ordering local or foreign checks, EFTs and prepaid cards

Simply fill out an application and submit it to Chexx Inc. Once we’ve verified your information and your account is open, you may top it up with adequate funds in the currency of your choice and start ordering payments right away.


Send Electronic Payments

Send Us Your Payment File

Electronic Payments Service

Provide us with a file containing your payment information and we will fly into action

Your Chexx Inc. account grants you access to Raven Online, our secure payment processing interface. We’ll instruct you on how to properly format your payment files and view reports. Once we receive your file of payment information we will send checks, local-currency electronic payments and preloaded cards speeding to their destinations.


Instant Reporting

View Your Reports

Instant Reporting

24/7 access to complete reports of all your transactions

You can review all transactions processed, request new payments and access custom statements at any time of day or night through your secure Raven Online account interface. Yes, paper is nice too. If you would like a pdf report just ask and we will provide one.


Batch Services

For mass payment issuing of checks, electronic payments and prepaid cards.

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Virtual Terminal

To issue individual payments upon request, or for those who need to send occasional payments.

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Currency Guide

We issue payments in virtually any global currency.

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Apply Today.

No matter where you are based or where you need to send payments, Chexx Inc. has you covered.
Not sure which payment type is the best choice in a given market? We do. Contact us today and tap into 20+ years of experience.