The Payments screen allows you to search for individual payments, both Submitted and Returned. From the Returned screen you may search for chargeback transactions. The reason for each chargeback is provided.

Payment Information

If you wish to obtain information on a particular payment, go to the Submitted search screen under the Payments tab. This will allow you to search for payments using various criteria.

You may perform a general search by selecting a date range. Please note that the date associated with a payment is the date that the payment was submitted to RAVEN.

payment search

Payment search

Depending on the type of payment, you may also search by name, reference number, card number (to search by card number, simply enter the first few digits, followed by ** and end with the last four digits), tracking number, amount, payment type, RAVEN account or routing number.

Payment Details

To view the specific details of any payment, click on the Tracking Number. You will be presented with the payment detail screen.

Payment details

The main Detail tab summarizes the payment. The Flags tab refers only to card payments and will indicate whether or not the payment has been flagged for your review (for more information, refer to '˜Flag Payments' below). Events displays all relevant actions pertaining to the payment, such as the date and time it was created and the file type. Under File you will find the full name of the file along with the user who created the file. The Routing, Promotion and Account tabs each offer more information on how the specific payment relates to the account.

Process New Transaction

This feature allows you to quickly and easily create a new debit or credit transaction for processing refunds or charges on a customer's account. Because RAVEN will securely access the original account details using the tracking number in the template, using RAVEN's Process New Transaction and 'Payment Template' features is a safe alternative to storing customer account details at your place of business.

To create a new transaction, click on the orange arrow to the right of the relevant payment line.

orange arrow

Orange arrow

You will be presented with a payment template screen containing all of the information of the original payment. You can choose to process a duplicate payment using the template, or you may change the transaction details (e.g. choose credit or debit, change the amount or change the account) to suit your needs. Once you click PROCESS, the newly created payment will appear at the bottom of the screen.

repeat payments

Process repeat payment

Repeat Declines

If a card has been declined four or more times, RAVEN will show a status of 'RepeatDeclined' on the payment line so that you are aware of the pattern for that particular card.

Repeat declines


You may obtain a list of your pre-authorized transactions by entering a date range and selecting ' Preauth' from the second drop down menu beside '˜Payment Type'. Once the pre-authorized transactions are displayed, you may submit any transaction for final processing by clicking on the blue and green icon to the right of the relevant payment line.


Please note that pre-authorizations are only valid for 7 days, after which the information will need to be entered again.

Void a Payment

If a payment has not been released for processing you may choose to void it at any time. Simply search for the payment and select the check box to the left of the transaction line and click Void. Please note that once a payment has been submitted via the Upload button, webfolder or released individually (either automatically or manually), the Void option is no longer available. Cheque payments and cheque issue payments do not have a Void option, whether released or not.

Download and Export Payment Information

Export selected payments within search range to a CSV file

To export specific payment information to a CSV file, select one or more payments (you can select all payments on the page, by clicking on the green plus sign above the check boxes) and then click the Download button found at the bottom of the search results. You will be prompted to Open or Save a .zip file which contains the information you have selected in .csv format as well as each payment's Status field and a TrackingNumber.

Export all payments within a search range to a CSV File

If you want to export a file of all payments found within your search parameters, you can simply click on the CSV icon at the top-left above the search results. It is not necessary to first select the individual payments.

Check Images

When viewing check payment information you have the option to preview an image of the actual check. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon beside the status and RAVEN will provide you with an image of the check.

magnifying glass

Magnifying glass icon

Check image

Review and Release Files

A file will remain in an Open status until it is released for settlement; if you do not manually release them, or select an alternative release option, your files will automatically release at the end of each day. To select the release option that best suits your needs, click on Settings. You can choose to have your open files automatically released at the end of each day, automatically release after 7 days or have them automatically deleted after 7 days.

automated file release options

Automated file release options

If you do not wish to have your files automatically settled, you will need to manually release them. We recommend that you visit the home page to release your files at the end of each day. Files to be released are indicated in the upper left corner of the screen.

Files to be released

To release a file manually, simply click on the file name and click the Release button.

Manual file release

Please note that pre-authorizations cannot be scheduled for automatic release; you will need to manually release them for settlement by clicking the blue and green icon to the right of the relevant payment line.

Search for Returned Transactions (Chargebacks)

If you wish to obtain information on a returned payment, you may search from the Returned screen. This will allow you to search for returned payments using various criteria, such as a date range, reference, card number, tracking number or amount. Please note that the date associated with an item is the date of the return and not the processing date.

search for chargebacks

Search for chargebacks

To view details of an item, click on the Tracking Number.

Fraud Scoring

RAVEN supports payment fraud risk scoring. This facility allows you to provide data that will profile a customer and then be used to calculate a 'Fraud Score'. The score is the chance that a payment is fraudulent, expressed as a percentage. By default RAVEN will not take any action based on the fraud score. You should review the fraud score and choose to:

  • do nothing, and allow the payment to be settled as normal,
  • query the customer and conditionally void or settle the payment as normal,
  • or simply void (or ignore) the payment if you deem the score to be too high.

To invoke the fraud scoring mechanism you need to provide at least an IP address and a billing country. Providing additional information will improve the reliability of the fraud score.

Flag Payments

RAVEN Online allows you to flag certain payments that may have the potential for risk. In order to set your parameters, you will need to contact Client Support and instruct them to flag payments that fall into certain categories. The available categories are described here.

Flagging takes place after the Authorizations step and before the Settlement step. Only cc_debit and cc_preauth payments that have been approved will be flagged.

The initial state of a flag is red, which means that it is unresolved. Unresolved flags associated with a payment may either be accepted or rejected. Payments with flags in this state will never be settled. If no action is taken then after 7 days the payment will be rejected and marked as voided.

payment flagged for review

Payment flagged for review

You must take action on a red flag by either 'accepting' or 'ejecting' the flag. Click on the flag icon to review the reason for the flag.

reason for flag

Reason for flag

You may choose to 'accept' the flag, which will result in a green flag and the payment being settled normally. Or, you may choose to 'eject' the flag, which will result in a white flag and the payment marked as void and never settled.

Flags behave differently depending on whether the associated payment is a cc_debit payment or a cc_preauth payment. Flagged cc_debit payments will not be settled even if your account is configured for auto-release; instead, all flagged payments will move to a separate file where they will be held for your review. Flagged cc_preauth payments are settled by a matching cc_settle payment. The cc_settle payment will be marked as invalid unless all flags have been accepted.

Flagged payments require special attention if the payment was made through MarketDirect. Your customers will not be aware that their payment has been flagged, and will assume that the transaction completed successfully. If you review the payment and decide to proceed there is no need to inform the customer, however, if you decide not to proceed it may be necessary to inform the customer.

Additionally, once a payment is flagged any fulfillment actions connected to it will not be triggered. For example, if your configuration setup includes sending notice to the fulfillment company to complete the order, once you proceed with a flagged transaction that fulfillment action will still need to be initiated.

Block Payments

You may block payments from certain cards by contacting Client Support and providing the transaction tracking number associated with the card. Once the block is in place, RAVEN will identify and block all future transactions to the specified card.

Cheque Issue & Tracking

If you choose to ship your cheques via FedEx, you will see an envelope icon on the payment line.

envelope icon

Envelope icon

To check the status of your shipment, simply click on the envelope icon and you will be immediately redirected to a FedEx tracking page showing the results of shipping.

Track your shipment